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Wireless LAN

Setting up a Vigor 2830 with AP800 in Universal Repeater Mode

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If the VigorAP800 is set to Universal Repeater mode then it can be configured to connect to and repeat a wireless connection. This can be used to increase the overall wireless coverage by locating the VigorAP800 at a position where its signal can be received in places where the original signal was weak.

In practice it is best to locate the VigorAP800 at a location that picks up a good signal from the original access point so that the quality of the connection between the two is good. This will allow a higher bandwidth link to the original access point and reduce the possibility of throughput issues because even if a WLAN client has an excellent speed connection to the VigorAP800, the actual throughput obtainable is determined by the connection speed between the VigorAP800 and the original access point.

After configuration of the VigorAP800 is complete, ensure that the LAN port of the VigorAP800 is not connected to the network, or an IP conflict will occur, as explained in the setup guide below.


  1. Connect your PC directly to one of the LAN ports on the Vigor 2830. Then login to its web interface and browse to [Wireless LAN] > [General Setup]. Create an SSID and select a channel

    Universal Repeater Mode Image 1

  2. Now browse to [ Wireless LAN] > [Security]. Select the security mode Mixed(WPA+WPA2)/PSK and enter a pre shared key.

    Universal Repeater Mode Image 2

  3. Now connect the AP800 from LAN port A1 to one of the LAN ports on the Vigor 2830. Then browse to the AP800 web interface on then login using the default username of "admin" and password of "admin". Set the operation mode as Universal Repeater.

    Universal Repeater Mode Image 3

  4. Then browse to [wireless LAN] > [ General setup]. Enter an SSID name for the AP800 and select the same wireless channel as the Vigor 2830.

    Universal Repeater Mode Image 4

  5. Then browse to [Wireless LAN] > [Security]. Set the Mode to the same as the Vigor 2830, Mixed(WPA+WPA2)/PSK and enter a password for the SSID in the passphrase field

    Universal Repeater Mode Image 5

  6. To pair the 2 devices in universal repeater mode, browse to [Wireless LAN] > [AP Discovery]. Click on scan. The Vigor 2830 SSID should now be displayed. Then click the select button for "Select as universal repeater"

    Universal Repeater Mode Image 6

  7. The Vigor 2830 and the AP800 will now be configured in universal repeater mode

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