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General Router FAQ

Using AOL with Vigors

How can I use an ADSL router with AOL software ?

Yes, as of January 2004, AOL Broadband (ADSL) users can use any of the Vigor ADSL routers. Setup is identical to any other ISP (VPI/VCI/Encapsulation etc.). For the login-name, you use (replacing screen-name with your actual screen name). In the AOL software, you also need to set its communications setup to use a network (TCP/IP) connection rather than directly connected modem. Check with AOL support for specific information on using their software, but the general settings in AOL8.0 are as follows :

If you are installing the AOL8 software afresh, you can select TCP/IP as your 'modem' type :

AOL8 software with Vigor Routers setup

If the AOL8 software is already installed, from the sign-in screen, instead of clicking 'sign-on' as normal, select 'Setup' and follow through the screens as shown :




  • I have AOL on Cable-modem; can I use that ?

    Sometimes, AOL is provided via cable-modem broadband service (rather than ADSL). In this case, and unlike normal router setup for cable-modems, you may need to use the PPPoE protocol on your router (check official UK spec for your model for support). In this case, in Internet Setup you need to disable Static/Dynamic IP and instead enable PPPoE setup :
    Internet Access Setup

    Disable Static/Dynamic DHCP Client

    Enable PPPoE

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