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Using Multiple SSID's

Vigor Wireless LAN Routers

Draytek routers with 802.11n such as Vigor2820n and the Vigor2930Vn support the multiple SSID feature. This means that the WLAN function is able to support 4 different virtual WLANís.

Each virtual WLAN has itís own network name, the SSID, and can be set with a different wireless security key and security mode. The network access control for each SSID can also be set independently, so there is control over if the SSID can see the wired LAN and if the members of the SSID can see each other.

For example, you could have one for company usage, with access to your company LAN and another for public access which allows internet surfing only.

Another possible usage could be to accommodate legacy devices that only support WEP encryption by allowing them internet access but preventing them accessing the LAN. This would avoid a WEP connection that potentially has access to the LAN.

Additional SSIDs can be enabled in the Wireless LAN General Setup. The WLAN isolation is set using the Isolate LAN and Isolate Member tick boxes.

Isolate LAN will block any WLAN clients in the SSID from accessing the LAN

Isolate Member will prevent any communication between WLAN clients on that SSID

In the WLAN Security Settings the security mode can be set for each SSID as shown

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