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Note : This feature is not officially available on any models yet.

The Vigor's URL Content filtering facility allows the simple blocking of specific URLS, for example if you wanted to restrict access to "". The Web Content Filter is a more compehensive system which will check the category of every web site your users try to visit and only allow access if the site doesn't fall into one of your prohibited categories. for example, you may want to ban all sites categorised as having adult or sexual content. Not all Vigor router's support this facility; please check the product's specification on the main UK web site to see which models support the feature.

You can block uncategorised sites too (for example a new site which has not been categorised by Surfcontrol yet). Surfcontrol staff continuously review, categorise and update their real-time database. Surfcontrol is a subscription service (annual subscription costs US$ at the time of writing - May 2005). You can test the service with your Vigor router on a 30 day trial for free.

If you'd like to test a particular web site, to see how it's categorised by Surfcontrol, you can try it here :

URL or IP Address :

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