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General Router FAQ

Using 'Ping'

How can I use Ping to test my connection ?

A 'ping' is a small data packet which can be sent to any TCP/IP device and should be immediately echoed back to the sender, thus confirming a working route both ways.

You can send Pings from the MS-DOS prompt the router by typing PING followed by the routerís IP address, as shown below. If the pings Timeout (i.e. are not returned) then the router cannot be seen (pinged) from that PC and you have a problem.

Common diagnostic procedures include the following pings :

If pinging numeric IP addresses works, but pinging URLs (named addresses) doesn't then the problem is most likely with the DNS facility.

You can also ping directly from the router to internal (LAN) or External (WAN/Internet) IP addresses. To do this, access the router's Telnet interface and use the command 'ip ping'. For example:

> ip ping

Pinging with 64 bytes of data
Received Reply from, time 20ms

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