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Vigor Port Mirroring

Capturing LAN Traffic

Ethernet Port mirroring is the facility whereby all traffic on an Ethernet port is duplicated onto another LAN port so that it can be captured. This is of use with the DrayTek SmartMonitor Traffic Analyser tool. The use of port mirroring and sniffing tools is recommended for advanced users only.

Enabling Port Mirroring on the Vigor 2820 Series

Telnet to the router and use the commands as shown in the example. In our example, LAN ethernet Port 2 will be used to connect to our PC running SmartMonitor and Port 1 will be the port we'll be mirroring (listening to):

Vigor 2820 Port Mirror Enable

When port mirroring is enabled, the listening port (P2 in the above example) does not have Internet access.

Enabling Port Mirroring on the Vigor 2950 or VigorPro 5510 Series

These models have a specific port which can be switched to mirror mode (marked on the front panel). Use the following telnet command to enable port mirroring:

Vigor 2950 Port Mirror

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