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Router Firmware Upgrading on Macs

  1. Download the router tools and firmware. double the click DrayTek Router Tools.dmg and then the DrayTek Router Tools disk will pop up. double click the disk, the new windows will pop up as next figure.
  2. 2.Click the DrayTek Smart Start Wizard
  3. click the Search, the router's IP and Mac Address should be listed. Click ok.
  4. Type the password, and then click the ok.
  5. Click the Next
  6. Click the Browse, the Router Web will shown up
  7. Double click the DrayTek Firmware Upgrade
  8. Click the Browse to specify firmware file location and type the router's IP address
  9. Click the Firmware Upgrade in the router web
  10. Click ok
  11. send in firmware upgrade utility.
  12. You may check the firmware version on the rouer web.

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