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General Router FAQ

Resetting the Vigor

How do I completely reset the router ?

Sometimes known as a 'factory reset' resetting the Vigor will clear all user settings, back to the state it was when you received the router new. Existing firmware is retained so if you have upgraded your firmware, that will stay the same version. After resetting your router, remember that you will need to set up all of your ISP details again (and any other facilities you use on the router) so be sure that you have necessary information to hand before resetting your router.

The quickest way to reset the router is to select 'reboot' from the web configurator, and click the button for 'factory defaults'.

On the 2200/2600 series, you can instead press the reset button the the back of the router and hold it until the left-hand LED starts to flicker rapidly, then release the button. Wait for the router LEDs to settle and the ACT LED to flash normally again. All factory default settings will now be restored, including the default router IP address (

If you are using a Vigor2200USB, the reset procedure does not wipe the USB modem drivers, so you won't need to load them again. By default, the router has no admin password. The admin username is always "admin".

On the Vigor2000, which has no reset button, you need to upload the .rst file by TFTP, after enabling TFTP boot server ( from the serial console port - press any key while booting ).

When you upgrade firmware, using the .RST file instead of the .ALL file will also cause a factory reset of the router.

How do I reset/clear the router's password ?

The only way to clear the password is to do a hardware reset with the reset button (see elsehwere in the FAQ). On the Vigor2000 router, to reset the password you can connect a PC to the RS232 console port and select the 'Change Password' option from the menu.

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