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Voice-over-IP FAQ

Using a SIP Server

How do I set up and use a SIP Server?

A SIP registrar enables you to set up a 'friendly' VOIP name for people to call and would be the normal way of using your Vigor router to receive voice calls (rather than people dialling your IP address). A SIP registrar may also offer optional value added services such as a PSTN (POTS) gateway. The DrayTEL service is available free of charge; visit their site at to set up a new account. Once allocated a DrayTEL SIP username/address, for example, any other SIP user (not just other DrayTEL users) can call you at that address.

The following screenshots show typical DrayTEL settings, but check with your VoIP/SIP provider for specific instructions for your model.

Setting up a SIP Server on the Vigor2700V/2800V Series

Vigor2800V/2700V SIP Setup

Setting up a SIP Server on the Vigor3300V Series

Vigor3300V SIP Setup

Setting up a SIP Server on the Vigor2600V/2900V Series

Vigor2600V SIP Setup

Setting up a SIP Server on the Vigor2100V/2500V Series


Do NOT use the Proxy field (on the Vigor2100V) unless VoIP doesn't work without; that is typically only needed if you are behind some other firewall, and shouldn't be used otherwise.

Note : You do not have to have a SIP registrar account; you can receive calls directly on your public IP address, or DDNS alias, but we do recommend using a SIP registrar like DrayTEL as it's easier to be dialled and reached, pariticularly if you have a dynamic IP address.

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