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Voice-over-IP FAQ

Windows Messenger

How do I use Windows Messenger to call the Vigor VOIP router ?

You will need Windows Messenger 4.7 or later (WindowsXP); not to be confused with MSN Messenger (see later). You must firstly set up an account with a SIP registrar service (e.g. - see earlier). Set up Windows Messenger to use the SIP service instead of the default Microsoft '.NET Passport' method :

Next, sign into Windows Messenger, using the account details you set up :

To then make a call to a Vigor VOIP router user, you just select 'Start a Voice conversation' from the Actions menu :

How do I use MSN Messenger to call the Vigor ?

You cannot use MSN Messenger; it does not support the necessary SIP protocol. Consider using Windows Messenger (V.4.7 or later) instead.

  • Can I call between the two ports ?

    Yes, if your router has two VoIP phone ports (e.g. Vigor2600V) you can make a call from one phone to the other locally. Lift the handset and dial 01 or 02 for the appropriate port (the # is not required). Do not set any dial-plan entries which conflict with these codes.

  • What is the DTMF inband/outband setting for ?

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