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Voice-over-IP FAQ

Using X-Lite

How do I use X-Lite to call the Vigor ?

Firstly, you will need an account with a SIP registrar, for example Let's assume we have an account called Select the proxy setup menu from Main Menu -> System Settings -> SIP Proxy -> [ Default ] and then set the entries up as shown on the right.

Next, create a phone book entry for the Vigor router which you wish to call - i.e. their registered SIP name.

Select the entry, then press the green dial key in X-Lite, and it should dial and the remote Vigor2600V should ring.


We strongly recommend the use of headphones for PC VOIP software - speakers really do not work well due to the allowances that have to be made for feedback/mics. Note also that X-Lite does not allow you to select the data rate, therefore on slow (e.g. narrowband, midband or analogue) or distant international links you cannot select the 8Kb/s protocols which might be better suited. This may result in choppy audio.

X-Lite Setup

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