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Wireless LAN

Vigor AP-700 - Access Point Mode

Access Point mode is the standard mode for a wireless access point. The Access point is connected to the LAN via an RJ45 cable and allows wireless clients to connect to it so that they can access the rest of the network. Configuring the DrayTek Vigor AP-700 a standalone wireless access point is ideal for adding wireless connectivity to an existing LAN

As an access point, the Vigor AP-700 connects to your existing ethernet switch and wireless users (with laptops or other WiFi devices) can then connect to your LAN. You can restrict access to specific devices by locking in their hardware 'MAC address' and if you have a radius server, user access can be further limited requiring unique login using 802.1x authentication (MD5/PEAP mode). See the radius setup guide in the FAQ for further information

Access Point Mode configuration

In this setup we show how to configure access point mode with multiple SSID's, the principle with just one SSID is the same, just don't add more that one SSID.

To set up multiple SSIDs on the access point, you will need to go to the Basic Settings page and click the Multiple SSIDs button.

Basic Settings - Mutliple SSID

In the Multiple SSID setup page, enable the additional SSIDs that you want to use and select whether you want the SSID hidden and WMM support is enabled. You can also set up tag based VLANs for the SSIDs if your network hardware supports it, for instance if you have a switch that supports 802.1Q VLANs, you can connect the AP700 to one of the ports and the additional SSIDs will only be able to access the VLAN ID set on that page. If you do not want to use VLANs, leave the setting as 0 which is untagged.

Mutliple SSID

Once you have applied and saved those settings, you can then go to the [Security] page on the router to set up security settings for each of the SSIDs using the drop-down box to select them. This way you can set up a WEP SSID for devices that do not support WPA2 for example.

Mutliple SSID

Mutliple SSID

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