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Wireless Security

If you have installed any Vigor router with Wireless LAN capability (it will have aerial sockets on the back) then the wireless facility is enabled by default. Therefore, as soon as you turn it on, and plug it in, your Internet connection is available to any PC or other device within range. That makes it very easy to use, but also means neighbours or passers by could also use your Internet connection. In some instances you might actually want that or not care, but all wireless users also have access to your PCs, as if they were plugged into the router directly. If you do not have PC Peer-to-peer networking enabled, this may provide minimal security risk, but we would still recommend that you add some security to your wireless connection.

For best security advice for your particular circumstances, we recommend you consult someone who can assess your specific risks and environment, but this general advice is provided as a good starting point :

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