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Without wireless encryption, your data can be captured ('sniffed') by a hacker; depending on the nature of that data, that could be harmless or exceptionally harmful. With each new encryption method, security and flexibility increases up to the current WPA2 system. This table illustrates the differences between the main standards. Please check your specific router's official UK specification (on this web site) to see which methods are supported. As well as encryption, the Vigor supports various other levels of wireless security, detailed elsewhere.

Authentication Key Size   64 bits128 bits
Encryption Key Size40/104 bits 64 bits128 bits
Security ProtocolWEPTKIPCCMP
Key Management     EAPEAP
Data IntegrityCRC-32MichaelCCM
Key Life (Initial Vector)24 bit48 bit48 bit
Packet KeyConcatenatedMixedN/A
Header IntegrityNoneMichaelCCM
CCM : Counter-Mode/CBC-MAC

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