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Your business relies on its Internet connection.

As Internet connectivity becomes more essential for your business, losing it, even for a brief period can be a real problem. No Internet means no email, no web browsing, no orders, no branch connectivity, no news or market feeds and in many cases, quite simply, no work. Every business is different, but if you rely on the Internet, hoping for the best or ignoring the possibility of a short or even extended loss of Internet connectivity is probably not the best plan.

ISPs don't normally offer an 'SLA' (reliability agreement/guarantee) on Internet connections and even if yours does, that can't actually guarantee that your line will always work or could always be fixed immediately.

A line fault, ISP maintenance, ISP routing failure, cable damage, power failures at the ISP or exchange - all of these can break your connection for a short time or even for days.

What would happen if it fails for a brief period or even an extended period during the day? What impact will that have on your efficiency, productivity and your business in general?
This man didn't have Broadband Failover from DrayTek!

DrayTek routers not only provide a vast array of security and connectivity features, they also have multiple connections for an alternative (backup) Internet connection. For example, with a Vigor 2830 ADSL Router/Firewall, your primary feed could be ADSL but in the event of that ADSL line failing, the Vigor2830 could automatically switch over to one of the following:

  • A second ADSL or VDSL line, using a separate DSL modem and different ISP
  • 3G Cellular Data using a USB 3G modem (e.g. T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone etc.)
    Most service providers have 'Pay as you Go' data tariffs now. Learn more about 3G data here.
  • A cable-modem service (e.g. VirginMedia)
  • Any other Internet connection via an Ethernet cable (e.g. EFM)

Once your primary (main) broadband service is restored, the router again automatically switches back to that.

Most DrayTek routers support failover to a second (or third, fourth...) Internet connection. The exact DrayTek model you need will depend on your line type and the number of feeds required. Some DrayTek routers also support VPN trunking, whereby the second WAN connection can be used for VPN backup and to increase the total VPN tunnel bandwidth.

Load Balancing

When not being used for failover, many DrayTek products can use the second internet connectivity simultaneously with your first for 'load balancing' which increases your total Internet bandwidth. Load balancing either automatically spreads your internet traffic across both connections, or you set rules for specific traffic or users to use specific connections.

Example Failover Configurations

ADSL Backup with a second ADSL line and 3G modem
Example : Using a second ADSL line and 3G modem

Load-Balancing too

Once you have provided your broadband backup solution, your main Internet connection should hopefully continue to work fine most of the time but your secondary (or additional) connections are also still available, so you can run two or more connections as the same time. In that case, your DrayTek router will spread your Internet traffic across all available connections, thus increasing your total Internet bandwidth.

Protect yourself today

Hopefully, your broadband service is reliable most of the time. Even if you've never had a problem, allowing for one gives you peace of mind that you will be able to cope and your business will continue to operate uninterrrupted. Of course, broadband backup (failover) is just one of the many security and protection features provided by DrayTek routers, including web content filtering, firewalling and other network protection.

To learn more abour DrayTek routers with broadband failover and to select the right model for your purposes, speak to your DrayTek authorised dealer today or contact us. Alternatively, go straight to our main web site and browse our range of routers. Most models support multiple WAN (Internet) connections with failover.

For a real-world example of 3G failover in use, view our Case Study

Broadband does fail!

So, how will you ensure your continued
Internet connectivity?

Hope for the best!
A DrayTek router
with broadband failover!

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