Solution Case Studies

DrayTek products are the key components in countless different business solutions. Their flexible feature sets enable you to implement reliable solutions to enhance your productivity and security. This page shows several case studies illustrating just a few examples of how DrayTek products have been used in real-world scenarios to provide real solutions.

Wi-Fi for Student Housing

Lansafe student housing

Lansafe was contracted by a private landlord to provide Internet connectivity, residential Wi-Fi and broadband failover options for three student housing buildings located within Liverpool City Centre. Click here to see how Lansafe approached the challenges and the solution they implemented.


The Cavern Club

Cavern Club

The world famous Cavern Club now deliver WiFi to their many visitors with DrayTek. The solution utilises the many advanced features of DrayTek’s managed wireless solution allowing a high concentration of users in a small space to receive reliable consistent connection wherever they are in the building and as they move around. Click here to see how Lansafe implemented the solution. to find out more.


The Gatsby Club

The Gatsby Club

The Gatsby Club is the VIP entertaining suite to support The Championships, Wimbledon. With fine dining designed and served by world class chef, Albert Roux OBE, in the stunning restaurant and a relaxing garden area this is the ultimate experience for visitors that want the best. Click here to see how Mac Systems implemented a DrayTek managed WiFi solution throughout the facility resulting in trouble free WiFi throughout the event.


Life Style Sports

Lifestyle Sports

Life Style Sports deliver continuity of service to their stores with DrayTek 4G Solutions Click here to find out more.


Powering Desborough College To Outstanding Ofsted

Desborough College, Maidenhead

Desborough College, Maidenhead is a boys school with 600 students offering GCSE and A-Level education. Learn how the implementation of DrayTek managed wireless has aided learning, improved communications, helped streamline payments in the canteen and formed an important foundation in their mission to achieve an Ofsted "Outstanding" award. Click here to find out more.


The Installation of Managed WiFi

Oxford College

Oxford International College offers focussed private tuition to help students prepare for University entry. After moving premises they upgraded the network with DrayTek managed wireless to provide campus wide WiFi across 5 floors and over 50 individual classrooms. Learn how the DrayTek solution provides secure "Staff" and "Student" separate networks, supports the full spectrum of mobile devices and balances traffic in busy areas equally across the network Click here to find out more.


The Installation of WiFi and Secure VPN Remote Branch Access

College Of Occupational Therapists

The Installation of WiFi and Secure VPN Remote Branch Access at the College Of Occupational Therapists. Click here to find out more.

The Installation of WiFi with Access Points and Managed Wireless Control

Clarice House

Clarice House is a luxury Health Club, Day SPA and restaurant based in Colchester. As part of a recent refurbishment they installed a managed WiFi network to serve guests, restaurant staff and to connect up fitness equipment in the Gym. DrayTek’s managed wireless solution with AP-900 access points and Vigor 2860 router with wireless controller provided exactly what they needed. Click here to find out more.

Easy to impliment, low cost IP PBX System and router

DrayTek VigorIPPBX solution provides exceptional value for monay for busy office

Ecotechnics Ltd are a franchisee of Envirovent, a provider of ventilation products that address a wide variety of applications such as eradicating mould and condensation and improving the environment for sufferers of respiratory ailments.

Ecotechnics Ltd recently moved into new premises and were looking for a phone system that was easy to impliment, handled their needs and was cost effective. They selected DrayTek's VigorIPPBX 2820 phone system, to find out why click here.

Reliable & Robust IP PBX System

DrayTek VigorIPPBX solution provides phone system for busy sales office

Smart Credit needed a phone system and reliable internet access to support their busy sales office of 12 staff members in new premises. The Draytek VigorIPPBX 2820 solution has helped them provide an excellent phone system delivered on time and within budget. For full details Click Here.

Secure and Reliable Branch Connectivity to Head Office

DrayTek 2820n with 3G Modem for ADSL Backup

Rohan Designs are innovative suppliers of high quality clothing designed to keep people protected and comfortable in the worlds wildest places. DrayTek products keep their 60 stores constantly connected reliably and securely. For full details Click Here.

Robust Office Links & VoIP Deployment

DrayTek Routers helping Avon Tyrrell stay connected

Avon Tyrrell, a youth charity providing outdoor activities relocated some of their London staff to the New Forest but still required both offices to be connected to each other as well as teleworker access. Reliability was essential. They also wanted to use VoIP to save on call costs and phone line rental. The load-balancing solution chosen provided exactly what they wanted using Vigor 2950 and Vigor 2820 routers. For full details Click Here.

Using 3G for Broadband Backup

DrayTek 2820n with 3G Modem for ADSL Backup

Specialist Veterinary Practice service supplier Professional Practice Services use ADSL as their primary Internet feed. On a number of occasions, it had proven unreliable and as they depend on connectivity to provide reliable service to their own clients, a contingency was needed. Using a Vigor 2820 router, they added 3G (Cellular) backup to their regular ADSL service which automatically engages if there's a problem with the ADSL connection. For full details Click Here.

Robust Broadband Failover & Backup

SDSL Failover in DrayTek Case Study

Satellite email service provider Global Technology needed a robust failover solution so that the service to their customers was available in the event of failure of connectivity in multiple scenarios. Using SDSL lines with Vigor 3100 modem/routers in conjuction with Vigor2950 higher performance router/firewalls with dual-WAN ports, local failover provision was achieved. An identical setup at a second remote backup location was also used. For full details, Click Here.

Linking Remote Offices (VPN) & VoIP

Estate Agent Office in DrayTek Case Study

Birmingham based Estate Agent Maguire Jackson needed to securely connect their two offices so that they should share resources across both networks. In addition, as they make many calls between the offices, they wanted to make further use of their ADSL lines for free VoIP calls. This not only saved call costs but reduced the number of phone lines needed. For full details Click Here.

Teleworker Access (VPN) to Office

Teleworker in DrayTek Case Study

Specialist recruitment firm The Health and Safety Partnership needed a reliable and secure method to link home or teleworkers to their main office. Using Vigor 2820 routers with ADSL lines, they provided secure VPN tunnels between sites for data transfer as well as firewalling the networks at all locations. For full details, Click Here.

Car Tyre & Servicing Business

McConechys Tyres used DrayTek routers to link their branches

McConechys is one Scotland's largest car tyre and serving providers with over 50 branches. They used DrayTek routers to providing Internet access, content control and secure branch links. For full details Click Here.

Charity operating Care Homes

Quarriers used DrayTek routers for internet connectivity and content filtering

Quarriers is a Scottish-based charity providing care for the elderly or vulnerable uses DrayTek products to provide Internet connectivity and linking of their various locations back to head office. For full details Click Here.

Restaurant Chain VPNs & Guest WiFi

Maxwells used DrayTek routers to link their restaurants

Well known restaurant chain Maxwells own several famous venues around London. Using DrayTek products, inter-branch connections were established using the Internet with failover capability. In addition, guest WiFi access was provided in the restaurants for diners and performing artists, but securely segragated from company data. For full details Click Here.

If you are a DrayTek dealer or an end user and have an interesting case study, please get in touch with us with details so that it can be considered for inclusion here.