Content Blocking Types

The following is a list of content type which can be blocked by the DrayTek firewall/routers. The list does constantly evolve as new protocols are introduced and also by model:

Block Data TypeFile Type/Extension or Protocol
Active Web Content Cookies, ActiveX, Java, Javascript
File Type Image : .bmp .dib .gif .jpeg .jpg .jpg2 .jp2 .pct .pcx .pic .pict .png .tif .tiff
Video : .asf .avi .mov .mpe .mpeg .mpg .mp4 .qt .rm .wmv .3gp .3gpp .3gpp2 .3g2
Audio : .aac .aiff .au .mp3 .m4a .m4p .ogg .ra .ram .vox .wav .wma
Java : .class .jad .jar .jav .java .jcm .js .jse .jsp .jtk
ActiveX : .alx .apb .axs .ocx .olb .ole .tlb .viv .vrm
Compressed Files : .ace .arj .bzip2 .bz2 .cab .gz .gzip .rar .sit .zip .arc
Executeable : .bas .bat .com .exe .inf .pif .reg .scr
Instant Messaging (IM) MSN, YahooIM, AIM, ICQ, GoogleChat, QQ, iChat, Jabber, GoogleTalk, XFire, GaduGadu, Paltalk, Qnext, Meetro, POCO/PP365, AresChat, AliWW, KC, Lava-Lava,ICU2, iSpQ, UC
Web-Based IM eMessenger, WebMSN, meebo, eBuddy, ILoveIM, ICQ Java, ICQ Flash, goowy, IMhaha, getMessenger, IMUnitive, Wablet, mabber, MSN2GO, KoolIM, MessengerFX, MessengerAdictos, WebYahooIM
VoIP Skype, Kubao. Gizmo, SIP
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) BitTorrent, Gnuttella, Soulseek, edonkey, FastTrack, OpenFT, OpenNAP, Winny (These protocols are used by several other P2P clients too)
Standard Web Protocols FTP, DNS, HTTP, IMAP, IRC, NNTP, POP3, SMP, SMTP, SNMP, SSH, SSL/TLS, Telnet
Tunnelling Socks4/5, PGPNet,HTTP Proxy, Tor, VNN, SoftEther, MS TEREDO, Wujie/UltraSurf, Hamachi, HTTP Tunnel, Ping Tunnel, TinyVPN, RealTunnel, DynaPass
Streaming MMS, RTSP, TVAnts, PPStream, PPlive, FeiDian, UUSee, NSPlayer, PCAST, TVKoo, SopCast, UDLiveX, TVUPlayer, MySee, Joost, FlashVideo, SilverLight, Slingbox, QVOD
Remote Control VNC, Radmin, SpyAnywhere, ShowMyPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer Gogrok RemoteControlPro CrossLoop WindowsRDP pcAnywhere Timbuktu WindowsLiveSync SharedView
Web HD (Online Backup) HTTP Upload, HiNet, SafeBox MS, SkyDrive, GDoc, Uploader, ADrive, MyOtherDrive, Mozy, BoxNet, OfficeLive
Custom Protocol Type Based on your own IP protocol/port settings