Wireless Bridge, Repeater & WDS Operation

DrayTek Vigor Access Points such as the DrayTek Vigor AP-910C and Routers with wireless built-in, such as the DrayTek Vigor 2862ac, will most commonly be used as a main wireless access point - your central base for all wireless devices.

The DrayTek products with wireless can operate in other wireless modes to provide enlarged wireless coverage or wireless bridges to other parts of your LAN which would otherwise be difficult to connect by cable.

A description of each wireless mode and the products that support these features are listed in the tabs below.

Universal Repeater

Universal Repeater

With Universal Repeater, a Vigor Access Point can extend the wireless coverage of a network by connecting to it as a wireless client and broadcasting a separate wireless network. This provides access to the main access point / router and the internet via this, to both the LAN ports and wireless clients that connect to the Universal Repeater access point's wireless network.

For best results, place the Access Point in a location where it receives a good signal from the wireless network / wireless router that it is connecting to. You can add multiple units to extend the range in multiple directions or multiple hops (for best performance, more than two hops is not recommended due to latency and channel congestion which can result).

A significant advantage of Universal Repeater mode is that an Access Point connecting to a wireless network via Universal Repeater does not require any reconfiguration of the network that it is connecting to.

Applicable Products

Applicable Products
VigorAP Access Points
VigorAP 710
VigorAP 810
VigorAP 900
VigorAP 902
VigorAP 910C