DrayTek Webinars and Videos

We deliver regular webinars to our customers on a range of subjects that relate to the DrayTek product range. By scrolling down you can see all the subjects covered and in each webinar we aim to provide product positioning, the scenarios best suited for the solution set and a technical appreciation of configuration. Simply click the play button and the webinar will stream to your device. The typical webinar duration is 45 minutes

We also provide some short videos (typically less than 2 minutes each) that present a quick snap shot of a specific product or topic. Ideal if you’re in hurry and just need the headlines.


VigorAP 903 Unboxing

Product unboxing of the VigorAP 903

VigorAP 903

VigorAP 903

How to set up a WiFi mesh network with the DrayTek Wireless app

VigorAP 903

VigorSwitch V1281

See the VigorSwitch V1281 in action

VigorSwitch V1281

Draytek News - VigorBX 2000

In this video we introduce DrayTek's new VigorBX 2000.

VigorBX 2000 Product Page

Draytek News - Vigor 2860L

In this video we introduce DrayTek's new Vigor 2860L.

Vigor 2860L Product Page

Draytek News - Vigor AP-910c

In this video we introduce DrayTek's new Vigor AP-910c.

Vigor AP-910c Product Page

Router Production

See the design, production and delivery of your DrayTek router.

Using the Vigor 130 with DrayTek routers

In this video we introduce DrayTek's new Vigor 130 modem designed to connect routers with an Ethernet WAN port simply and effectively to a VDSL broadband service.

We show the scenarios in which you would use this new product and how you would go about configuring the various devices within the deployment.

Vigor 130 Product Page

An introduction into Managed Wireless

This video gives a brief introduction to managed wireless. What it might be used for and how you would go about deploying it.

Vigor 2860 Product Page

AP-900 Product page

Load Balancing and Failover

This video discusses the concept and implementation of loadbalancing and WAN failover.

Vigor 2860 Product Page

Introducing IPv6 - The new protocol for the Internet

Every device on the Internet has an IP address (for example Every computer, tablet, phone, games console or IP phone needs one, but the Internet was only designed to allow four billion unique addresses. We've run out - all addresses have now been allocated, and a new system is needed so that the Internet can continue to grow.

That new system is called IPv6 and in this short video, we explain what IPv6, why it's needed and what it can do for you. We hope you enjoy the video! Please rate it and/or comment; we hope to make more videos in the coming months if they're popular.

If you want to learn more about IPv6, read our new ebook, "Real World IPv6" which is written for real users of routers and LANs. See full detail at http://www.draytek.co.uk/ipv6