"Real World IPv6" eBook

IP addresses make the Internet work. Every PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, router and games console connected to the Internet or your LAN has an IP address. The current system for numbers IP devices is called IPv4 and it's full up - it allowed for just over 4 billion unique addresses and we've already well exceeded that. Address sharing (NAT) has save us thus far but a new system is needed - that system is called IPv6, a new numbering scheme for the Internet. It's here now and already running on the Internet. Now every ISP and web host needs to support it and then all end user networks need to support it so that the Internet can continue to grow and the legacy problems of IPv4 can be eliminated.

We are delighted to present the ebook, Real World IPv6 (link on the right). Real World IPv6 gives a thorough overview of IPv6 from the point of view of anyone running their own network, in a small to medium enterprise (SME) or a SoHo (Small or Home office). The book explains what IPv6 is and the issues and challenges which you will need to consider in implementing it, taking you through the concepts and issues step-by-step, in clear language.

This edition of Real World IPv6 is sponsored by DrayTek but it's manufacturer agnostic; the concepts and issues covered apply equally to equivalent products from all manufacturers. IPv6 can be a huge topic if you consider all of the deep technical aspects - factors and information which the average user doesn't need to know about. The book deliberately avoids pages of RFCs or taking apart packet headers and other deep technical detail. The book is aimed at the typical DrayTek customer - what we believe you need to know to implement IPv6, understand its advantages and help decide when you need to implement it.

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