Reliability, control and low cost of deployment

When deploying network hardware to remote sites provisioning teams are increasingly looking to simplify processes to reduce resource demands whilst ensuring tight delivery timescales are met.

DrayTek’s high quality business class routers and WiFi solutions combined with their provisioning and central management tool, ACS-SI, enables service integrators to deliver the network on time and within budget.

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Solution Sets

Solution Sets
Designed to address the specific needs of business users
Wireless LAN Management
Broadband Failover
3G Connectivity
3G/4G Connectivity
Web Content Filtering
VPN Overview
VPN Overview
Service Integration
PCI-DSS credit card security compliance
Load Balancing
Load Balancing
Robust technology designed for scalable applications
Vigor 2830
Vigor 2830 Router
Business class ADSL router.
Vigor 2860
Vigor 2860 Router
Business class VDSL router. Includes wireless AP controller.
Vigor 2925
Vigor 2925 Router
Business class cable/Ethernet router. Includes wireless AP controller.
Case Study
Case Study
Site-wide seamless WiFi for customers and staff
Using the Vigor 130 with DrayTek routers
Using the Vigor 130 with DrayTek routers
DrayTek Managed Wirelesss in 2 minutes
DrayTek managed wireless in 2 minutes!
Access Points
Extend your reach & connectivity
Access point

Managed wireless 'n' access point.Supports PoE.
Access point

Managed wireless dual band access point. Supports PoE.
Case Study
Case Study
Secure VPN branch connectivity
DrayTek Managed Wireless in 2 minutes
DrayTek managed wireless in 2 minutes!
For ADSL & VDSL broadband
Vigor 130
Vigor 130 ADSL/VDSL modem
Plug and play ADSL/VDSL modem.
Using the Vigor 130 with DrayTek Routers
Using the Vigor 130 with DrayTek routers
Network essentials
VigorSwitch P1090
Vigor Switch P10908 port PoE switch.
VigorSwitch P2261
Vigor Switch P226124 port gigabit PoE managed switch.
VigorSwitch G1241
Vigor Switch G124124 port gigabit smart switch.
Vigor Switch G226024 port gigabit managed switch.
ACS Network Management
ACS Network Management