Q&A Vigor 2620Ln

How many LANs does the Vigor 2620Ln support? Also will it only support 2 VPN tunnels max?

2 LANs / VLANs. If you need more, we recommend looking at the Vigor 2862 LTE series.

Can you bond 2 lte connections together?

No, the two sims can't connect simultaneously.

Does the VDSL connection have to be the primary connection? Can it work the other way round e.g. 4G has priority over DSL?

Yes, it can. The 4G can be configured as the primary WAN, with DSL as the backup. Any of the 3 WANs (DSL, Ethernet, LTE) can be chosen as the primary

How do we remotely access the Vigor 2620Ln router when using 4G as the IP addresses are usually not accessable?

You can configure STUN on the router in the VigorACS / TR-069 settings

How does WAN budget work over 2 SIM's on the 2620LN?

The Vigor 2620Ln does not currently support WAN Budget but it might be added in the future. The Vigor 2862 supports WAN budget for its sim.

If we purchase SIMs, what would be the expected data requirement I would require for an average office of 10 people?

That's difficult to say, it depends on the work environment and the type of connectivity required. 20GB+ per month would be necessary for 10 people in an office.

Does this work on 3G if 4G is lost and is it 5G ready?

Yes, the Vigor 2620Ln supports 3G as well as 4G. It is not 5G ready.

Can you do Time Of Day failover, so if you dont want to switch to 4G out of hours can it be set to stop?

The router will fail over the backup WAN as soon as there's an issue with the primary. You cannot set the times of day that failover could occur, however you can stop data being sent over 4G by configuring a [Firewall] > [Filter Rule]. Configure a rule to block traffic being sent over the 4G WAN outside of operating hours.

Do you receive alerts when the 4G failover kicks in and then reverts back to ADSL?

Yes, it can send mail alerts and/or SMS text alerts when failover occurs.

Is there going to be an 802.11ac version?

The Vigor 2620Ln is 802.11n. We recommend looking at the Vigor 2862Lac for 802.11ac support and LTE

Does Vigor 2620Ln support Gfast? Or is the 150 only on the DSL port?

The Vigor 2620Ln is an ADSL2+ / VDSL2 product, it can't support G.Fast. There will be products announced later this year that support G.Fast

The Vigor 2620Ln, other than failover, are you able to use this router for loadbalancing?

The Vigor 2620Ln only supports failover, we recommend the Vigor 2862 LTE models for load balancing.

Does the Vigor28620 suspport Mesh Wireless with VigorAP 903s?

The wireless of the Vigor 2620Ln does not support Meshing (as a Mesh Root) with the VigorAP 903. The VigorAP 903 requires 802.11ac 5GHz support for Mesh to operate

Can both SIM cards be used at the same time, or is it one or the other? What determines which SIM is used?

The SIMs installed operate as main (sim1) & backup (sim2), the router activates / uses SIM2 if the connectivity on SIM1 fails

How many VPN tunnels does it support simultaneously ?

The Vigor2620Ln supports 2 max. For more we'd recommend the Vigor2862Lac

Does the 4g work world wide?

The bands supported are LTE FDD bands 1, 3, 7, 8 and 20. We recommend checking whether those bands are used in the region you're planning to use the router in.

The Vigor 2620Ln only has 2 LAN ports, what is your recommended accompanying switch.

The VigorSwitch G1080 would be a good accompanying switch if you need extra LAN ports

When will the router be launched?

The Vigor 2620Ln is available to purchase today