Vigor 3900

High-Performance Quad-WAN Firewall
Professional Router Firewall & VPN Concentrator with 4 Ethernet WAN Ports & SFP for Fibre Connectivity
  • Professional Router/Firewall
  • Five Gigabit WAN ports (4 x Ethernet & 1 SFP)
  • Up to 50 WAN ports with optional Switch
  • WAN Load Balancing & WAN Failover
  • High-Availability (Hardware failover)
  • Up to 500 simultaneous IPSec/PPTP/L2TP Tunnels
  • Up to 100 SSL VPN Tunnels
  • 3 Gigabit LAN ports (2 x Ethernet & 1 x SFP)
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Dual-Stack
  • Two USB Ports for 3G/4G/LTE USB Modem or thermometer
  • Temperature Monitoring (optional Thermometer)
  • 802.1q Tagged and port-based VLANs
  • QoS Assurance on different traffic types
  • Mobile One-Time Passwords for Teleworker VPNs
  • VPN Trunking (aggregated/failover links)
  • Up to 50 WAN/LAN-side IP subnets
  • Internet Content Filtering (by keyword, data type or category)
  • Central Management of up to 30 DrayTek VigorAPs - New!
  • Central Switch Management - New!
  • Optional VigorCare Available


High Performance Multi-WAN VPN Appliance

The Vigor 3900 is a high-performance quad-Gigabit WAN router for high-performance applications including remote access, firewalling, load-balancing and failover. Its WAN throughput runs at up to 1Gb/s, adequate for the most demanding SME applications. The WAN ports on the Vigor 3900 can provide load balancing or WAN failover. Based on a new DrayTek OS platform, the Vigor 3900 combines high performance and capacity with DrayTek's traditional ease of use and comprehensive features set.

For multi-tenant or departmental flexibility, the Vigor3900 will support multiple LAN IP subnets, together with VLAN capabilities and user management, providing access to WAN resources only to the appropriate users or departments, as well as maintaining infrastructure effciency.

Four WAN ports for load-balancing or failover

Four Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports and one SFP slot (for fibre modules or an additional Ethernet module) provide 5 independent WAN ports for either load-balancing or failover applications. Gigabit Ethernet and SFP LAN Interfaces provide high speed connectivity to your LAN.

Fibre is of particular use for longer distance deliveries, beyond the range of standard Ethernet, or where copper connections cannot be used. WAN Load-balancing weight or traffic-type rules can be set or on an automatic basis to spread WAN traffic evenly across all interfaces on a best-endeavour basis.

Vigor 3900 Front panel with cables connected

If you need more WAN connections, the Vigor 3900 supports VLAN tags on its WAN ports, allowing up to 50 WAN ports with optional Switch


As a VPN endpoint/concentrator, the Vigor 3900 will support up to 500 simultaneous teleworker or LAN-to-LAN VPNs, with a VPN throughput of up to 700Mb/s with IPsec VPN tunnels, thanks to its hardware-based VPN co-processor.

VPN security includes certificate, MOTP or token/PSK based access and key-hash authentication to ensure maximum security.


DrayTek's SSL VPN uses standard TLS encryption (the same protocol used for HTTPS web sites) and therefore can pass unimpeded through most networks and public Internet access/WiFi.

An SSL VPN tunnel can be created from any client device - Windows, MacOS, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android phones and tablets. The freely available DrayTek Smart VPN Client app

makes it easy on any of those platforms. Once connected, you can access the remote resources and, commonly, create remote desktop sessions to the remote device.

You can read more about SSL VPNs and MoTP here.

High Availability

For even greater resilience, the Vigor 3900 provides High Availability (HA).

The CARP protocol (equivalent to VRRP or HSRP) lets you set up a master and secondary Vigor 3900 whereby in the event of the master unit failing, the secondary unit can seamlessly and automatically switch over. This can remove the possibility of a single point of failure within your routers. Additionally, multiple active Vigor 3900's can provide reciprocal routing backup to other active Vigor 3900s.

Read more about DrayTek High Available here.