• P-1080 8-Port PoE Ethernet Switch

VigorSwitch P1080 8-Port PoE Switch

  • 8-Port PoE Ethernet Switch
  • Full Power, all-ports PoE
  • 130 Watts total PoE Power (15.4W/port)
  • Quality Internal PSU (mains powered)
  • 11" Metal Case
  • 10/100BaseT UTP
  • Optional Rack-mount brackets


VigorSwitch P1080 8-Port PoE Switch

The DrayTek P-1080 Ethernet switch is an 8-port device providing all 8 ports with full-power PoE. PoE is ideal for any PoE-enabled devices, including:

  • IP telephones (for example as part of an IP PBX)
  • Wireless access points
  • IP Cameras (Network cameras)

PoE alleviates the need for local power supplies at the equipment location, instead providing the power to the unit over the Ethernet cable, with the data. Using PoE reduces clutter (multiple PSUs) and enables your equipment to be positioned where there is no power outlet. Using PoE also enables you to remotely reboot the device without having to climb up to or go to the device - just remove its Ethernet cable from the switch end.

All ports are auto-sensing, meaning that they will only provide power when it detects the presence of an 802.1af PoE device (that saves power and prevents compatibility issues or possible damage/hazard). The P-1080 is designed to meet its full specification - i.e. it can genuinely deliver the stated power, to all 8 ports simultaneously without overload or power being reduced on any ports. The unit is well-engineered to be reliable and maintenance free.