• ATA-24SH VoIP Analogue Adaptor

ATA-24SH VoIP Analogue Adaptor

  • Analogue Phone Adaptor
  • 24-Phone Extensions
  • Ideal for VigorIPPBX
  • SIP Compliant
  • Codecs : G.711, 729A, 723.1, 726
  • Echo Cancellation & Jitter Buffer
  • Caller ID (ETSI)


This product is now EOL (discontinued)

VigorTalk ATA-24SH - Analogue Phone Adaptor for VoIP

The DrayTek ATA-24SH is a Analogue Phone Adaptor for VoIP systems. It provides 24 individual analogue phone ports - ports into which you can plug any regular analogue phone, cordless DECT base or other analogue phone equipment. It provides an alternative to having native digital VoIP phones and is ideal where you have legacy equuipment which you wish to retain. Analogue terminals (phones) are also ideal for higher risk environments, where you may wish to reduce the possibility of damage or loss of more expensive IP phones.

Each of the ATA-24SH's 24 ports can be registered as a unique extension on your PBX; that can be a local PBX on your LAN (such as the VigorIPBX 2820), a remote SIP server or hosted IP PBX service. You can also deploy the ATA_24 at a remote site, providing the extensions to you main PBX at your HQ.