Central Management

Find out more about DrayTek central managment solutions and how they can help save you time and get better visibility over your network.

Real-time integrated monitoring

Network Alerts

Firmware Upgrades

Configuration changes and backup


Central Management with DrayTek VigorACS

The DrayTek products can be managed by the DrayTek VigorACS central management system - a cloud platform which can manage most DrayTek products - routers, wireless access points and Ethernet switches, giving you complete visibility and control of your DrayTek product estate, even without a DrayTek Vigor router on site.

The DrayTek VigorACS management system can be used to configure and provision devices, similarly to performing these actions through the devices web interface, with a familiar menu layout in the Configuration section of VigorACS.

DrayTek's VigorACS management monitors the devices, with a Dashboard view giving a central overview of the most important information from the devices status.

Managing a VigorAP in VigorACS
Managing a VigorAP in VigorACS

For further details of the VigorACS central management system, click here .


Central Management with DrayTek VigorConnect

DrayTek Access Points can be managed on-site by the VigorConnect local management service which is a stand alone software package you can install on a local Windows machine.

VigorConnect enables you to centrally control, manage and administer multiple AP devices installed around your building/campus. It simplifies the initial setup through device discovery to add all your VigorAPs into the system and then allow you to provision them quickly by deploying your wireless profile to the devices.

VigorConnect makes it easier to complete maintenance tasks such as firmware upgrades and configuration backups and scheduled gives control over when they occur. Monitoring, logs, alarms, and floor plan all help to make it easier to manage your network.

For further details of the VigorConnect, click here.

Central Management with a DrayTek Router

Most of the DrayTek routers come with the build-in wireless controller that can centrally manage Vigor Access Points. Set your APs with pre-defined profiles to match the wireless SSIDs, passwords, and manage your wireless traffic with features such as load-balancing.

Manage the whole VigorSwitch range with Router-based Central Switch Management, or from the cloud with the VigorACS Central Management platform (selected models). Monitor network usage, provision VLAN configurations, set individual port rates and schedule port operation all from a single point of management.

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