What is a firewall?
A firewall is a network security appliance that monitors computer data traffic. It decides whether each packet is allowed or blocked based on a defined set of profiles. Many firewalls offer additional functionality such as content filtering, spoof defence, and DoS defence.

The best firewall for business offers robust configuration tools and multiple ways to update the rules and monitor its performance - usually measured in megabits per second (Mb/s) and should exceed the Internet connection speed available. A managed firewall also comes with 24/7 monitoring such as syslog and alerting mechanisms including email notifications.

Currently, all DrayTek UK routers allow users to configure firewall settings that can help with network protection.

Vigor 2620Ln Vigor 2620Ln
Vigor 2765 Vigor 2765
Vigor 2765ac Vigor 2765ac
Vigor 2765Vac Vigor 2765Vac
Vigor 2766 Vigor 2766
Vigor 2766ac Vigor 2766ac
Vigor 2766Vac Vigor 2766Vac
Vigor 2832 Vigor 2832
Vigor 2832n Vigor 2832n
Vigor 2865Lac Vigor 2865Lac
Vigor 2865Vac Vigor 2865Vac
Vigor 2865ac Vigor 2865ac
Vigor 2865ax Vigor 2865ax
Vigor 2865 Vigor 2865
Vigor 2866ac Vigor 2866ac
Vigor 2866 Vigor 2866
Vigor 2866Lac Vigor 2866Lac
Vigor 2927ax Vigor 2927ax
Vigor 2927 Vigor 2927
Vigor 2927ac Vigor 2927ac
Vigor 2927Lac Vigor 2927Lac
Vigor 2962 Vigor 2962
Vigor 3910 Vigor 3910

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