Load Balancing Routers

What is a load balancing router?
A load balancing router is a router which can use more than one Internet connection simultaneously to provide internet access to devices connected to it.

One of the benefits of load balancing is that it allows a network to utilise more bandwidth than a single connection can provide but also it allows a site to gain resilience by relying on more than one network connection and removing a potential single point of failure.

Another benefit of load balancing could be to direct traffic to a different network connection based on the destination that needs to be reached. An example could be one WAN which is connected to a private network and another WAN which connects to the public internet.

The best load balancing routers will give flexibility on the load balancing rules which they can be configured with and will support multiple different connection types to gain diversity so that it’s unlikely that a network outage affects multiple connections simultaneously. For example if both connections use the same street side cabinet and a lorry knocks it out and takes both offline simultaneously.

A common approach could be to use one connection on FTTC & one on Mobile broadband (4G / LTE), or one FTTC and one FTTP so that the internet load balancing router is using different types of connection that are unlikely to be simultaneous affected by the same network outage.

For more information see our What is Load Balancing? article explaining load balancing in more detail.

 DSL WANEthernet WANIntegrated 4G/LTEFirewall Mb/sIPSec VPN Mb/sWirelessVoIP Ports
Vigor 2832 Vigor 2832 ADSL tick  300 50  
Vigor 2832n Vigor 2832n ADSL tick  300 50 tick
Vigor 2865ax Vigor 2865ax VDSL / ADSL tick  1.3G 800 tick
Vigor 2865Lac Vigor 2865Lac VDSL / ADSL tick tick 1.3G 800 tick
Vigor 2865Vac Vigor 2865Vac VDSL / ADSL tick  1.3G 800 tick
Vigor 2865ac Vigor 2865ac VDSL / ADSL tick  1.3G 800 tick
Vigor 2865 Vigor 2865 VDSL / ADSL tick  1.3G 800  
Vigor 2866ax Vigor 2866ax G.fast / VDSL / ADSL tick  1.3G 800 tick
Vigor 2866ac Vigor 2866ac G.fast / VDSL / ADSL tick  1.3G 800 tick
Vigor 2866Lac Vigor 2866Lac G.fast / VDSL / ADSL tick tick 1.3G 800 tick
Vigor 2866 Vigor 2866 G.fast / VDSL / ADSL tick  1.3G 800  
Vigor 2927ac Vigor 2927ac  2  1.8G 800 tick
Vigor 2927 Vigor 2927  2  1.8G 800  
Vigor 2927Lac Vigor 2927Lac  2 tick 1.8G 800 tick
Vigor 2927ax Vigor 2927ax  2  1.8G 800 tick
Vigor 2962 Vigor 2962  2  2.4G 900  
Vigor 3910 Vigor 3910  6  10G 3G  

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