Load Balancing Routers

Vigor 2862 Series - xDSL Business Class Router/Firewall
Vigor 2862

The Vigor 2862 series is our new flagship router/firewall. Exact feature support varies by model.

It is what we've called the 'Ultimate DSL router' supporting both ADSL or VDSL (BT Infinity™/FTTC) and packed with professional level features to increase security, flexibility and functionality, making it ideal as your standard router for almost any scenario.

ADSL VDSL Wireless Dual-Band 802.11ac Integrated 4G/3G VoIP
Vigor 2862 tick tick X X X X X
Vigor 2862n tick tick tick X X X X
Vigor 2862ac tick tick tick tick tick X X
Vigor 2862Ln tick tick tick X X tick X
Vigor 2862Lac tick tick tick tick tick tick X
Vigor 2862Vac tick tick tick tick tick X tick

Vigor 2926 Series
Vigor 2926

The Vigor 2926 series is our dual-Ethernet WAN firewall for load-balancing or failover.

It's also a fully featured firewall, VPN concentrator and content filtering device.

Wireless Dual-Band
Vigor 2926 X X
Vigor 2926n tick X
Vigor 2926ac tick tick

Multi-WAN Firewalls
Vigor 3900 and Vigor 2960

DrayTek's range of enterprise class security firewalls providing Gigabit throughput and capacity for up to 500 VPN tunnels, including both IPSec and SSL VPN types and support for both IPv4 and IPv6. High performance firewall throughput, load balancing, and VPN connectivity.

Multiple units can be linked using High-Availability to provide your WAN infrastructure with even more fault-tolerance. To compare all of these models, check our comparison chart or see the individual specification of each model.

WAN VLAN Throughput VPN Throughput SFP PoE
Vigor 2952 2 8 500 200 tick tick
Vigor 2952P 2 8 500 200 tick tick
Vigor 2960 2 20 500 200 X X
Vigor 3220 4 8 500 200 X X
Vigor 3900 4 50 1000 700 tick X

Vigor 2832 Series - xDSL Business Class Router/Firewall
Vigor 2830

Our Vigor 2832 series is our premium ADSL router featuring great flexibility and a vast feature set. It provides triple WAN connectivity - ADSL, Ethernet (for a secondary broadband modem) and USB for a 3G (Cellular) modem/dongle. The WAN ports can provide load-balancing and/or failover.

Web content filtering and user access control is comprehensively covered, as well as security for both wired and wireless users. VPN connectivity for connecting branch offices and teleworkers is extensive too. The Vigor 2832 series are the premier choice for SME Internet connectivity. See the full specification for details.

ADSL Wireless
Vigor 2832 tick X
Vigor 2832n tick tick

VigorBX 2000 IP PBX & DSL Firewall
VigorBX 2000

The VigorBX 2000 is an IP PBX integrated with the firewall/router features of DrayTek's Vigor 2860 ADSL/VDSL router.

As an IP PBX, instead of conventional phone lines, Internet SIP trunks provide your connectivity to the phone network. With IP phones, you have a complete office phone system, allowing for local and remote extensions (extensions can be anywhere on your LAN or elsewhere in the world).

VigorBX 2000 Product Page