Gigabit Switches

What is a Gigabit switch?
A Gigabit switch is a device that connects multiple local devices including computers, servers etc. to a LAN. Gigabit Ethernet switch supports a maximum transmission speed of one gigabit per second.

The best Gigabit switch usually comes with advanced features that improve efficiency and security. For example, PoE (Power over Ethernet) available on DrayTek switches with ‘P’ can be used with IP phones, IP cameras, and wireless access points. A Virtual LAN (IEEE 802.1q) feature is supported on all models for network segmentation. Some Gigabit switches have additional SFP ports as an alternative way of connectivity that is useful while linking two switches together over a longer distance.

Every DrayTek managed gigabit switch can be configured via the web interface, or locally through the Vigor Central Switch Management or VigorConnect. Remote management is available through VigorACS platform.

  RJ45 Ports PoE Ports PoE Power 1Gb SFP Ports 10Gb SFP Ports Mngmt
VigorSwitch G1080 VigorSwitch G1080 8 Vigor Router VigorConnect
VigorSwitch G1085 VigorSwitch G1085 8 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch G1280 VigorSwitch G1280 24+4 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch G2100 VigorSwitch G2100 8 2 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch G2280X VigorSwitch G2280X 24 4 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch G2540x VigorSwitch G2540x 48 6 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect

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