PoE Switches

What is a PoE Switch?
DrayTek have an extensive range of Power over Ethernet or ‘PoE’ switches, many of which also provide DrayTek’s IP Camera Management system, for easy installation and management of IP CCTV cameras.

All of the VigorSwitch models featured here have Power over Ethernet on all RJ-45 LAN ports, with a high-power budget per switch. Smaller PoE switch models are fanless, for silent operation, while larger switches are fan cooled for reliable operation when installed in a rack. If you’re running larger PoE switches outside of a rack-mounted environment, Smart-Fan models offer quieter fan operation, based on PoE load.

Each PoE port on a VigorSwitch supports both IEEE 802.3af PoE and 802.3at PoE+ (up to 30 watts per port) to power advanced PoE devices, such as IP phones, Wi-Fi access points and outdoor IP cameras.

DrayTek's VigorSwitches provide excellent remote management and monitoring of PoE, with VigorACS cloud management. Smart PoE management features like Device Check, ensure reliable operation of both the switch and its connected PoE devices.

  RJ45 Ports PoE Ports PoE Power 1Gb SFP Ports 10Gb SFP Ports Mngmt
VigorSwitch P1085 VigorSwitch P1085 8 8 140w Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch P1280 VigorSwitch P1280 24+4 24 340w Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch P2100 VigorSwitch P2100 8 8 140w 2 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch P2280x VigorSwitch P2280x 24 24 400w 4 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch P2540x VigorSwitch P2540x 48 48 400w 6 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect

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