Vigor 2862 Series

Firmware Information
Current Version BT
Release Notes
Release Date 21/10/2021
Support Language English
Supported Models

Vigor 2862
Vigor 2862n
Vigor 2862ac
Vigor 2862Ln
Vigor 2862Lac
Vigor 2862Vac

The firmware we recommend is . This version supports vectoring and uses modem code 779517.

Firmware is normally supplied in two different styles: The ALL file will just upgrade the firmware, whereas the RST file will upgrade the firmware and wipe all settings back to factory defaults.

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MD5 Checksum : cf181064592677d9412b4ab094340011            SHA1 Checksum : a776146e027c8ba5b790521677827ffbfa41316d
MD5 Checksum : aae04dd53c0f53112e38b29a1c8d0e4d            SHA1 Checksum : af1e346d7bcced0e8dfa1f7041c7dacbbfe1e9ab
MD5 Checksum : 603e0f4d6fa229bf77e356c0da1bc096            SHA1 Checksum : 69d40a0dc4b265aa7adbcd99532750cb17577176
MD5 Checksum : c054156ac468243279e52bf7e420e0da            SHA1 Checksum : 20ac52474c4aa47c832cd73a2f8d4d9b08b65c23
MD5 Checksum : 9babfa71d3fcdf27daa1ddefd9a20b26            SHA1 Checksum : 1067abf39ab1911fd91249171937fdd8ebce398f
MD5 Checksum : c05511e592745011cc94f61a89939770            SHA1 Checksum : 86c6ea1acfc6220901b6673464e9788628ca1306
folder.png Older Firmware
Files: 78

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