Vigor AP 810 - Older Firmware

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Release Notes

Release Date 01/10/2021
Support Language English

The file extension of the firmware file controls which upgrade type is performed.

If the file name is unchanged (eg is xxxx.all) then the upgrade will just upgrade the firmware, whereas renaming the firmware to a .rst extension will wipe all settings back to factory defaults when upgrading the firmware.

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MD5 Checksum : aa6e8a6f7123564446e80871cc57cb62            SHA1 Checksum : fa4f9b4c534cbf7e280c86ba883c077dd032c676
MD5 Checksum : 6ba56922295c9fa91c091a3ccfa6368b            SHA1 Checksum : 59cb7caa141441b38ed16b86da1be5c420790e0d
MD5 Checksum : 37f4df5f59a0ab53fd4f21114bb3439b            SHA1 Checksum : 6c9114b59f167aecd24f2bba3f52f7c76429ff6a