Vigor AP 810 - Older Firmware

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Release Date 01/10/2021
Support Language English

The file extension of the firmware file controls which upgrade type is performed.

If the file name is unchanged (eg is xxxx.all) then the upgrade will just upgrade the firmware, whereas renaming the firmware to a .rst extension will wipe all settings back to factory defaults when upgrading the firmware.

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MD5 Checksum : 346a1df73d74235f3dbc44b8b7a37a9f            SHA1 Checksum : 8cacb03ce6503226f46d403cad7b545c7273d28f
MD5 Checksum : 892af2a0574299f909e4870194a46e48            SHA1 Checksum : 85512d2033464b21916d58b9f9412c13bf0f5a82