VigorAP 910C - Older Firmware

Firmware Information
Current Version 1.3.4
Release Notes
Release Date 01/10/2021
Support Language English

The file extension of the firmware file controls which upgrade type is performed.

If the file name is unchanged (eg is xxxx.all) then the upgrade will just upgrade the firmware, whereas renaming the firmware to a .rst extension will wipe all settings back to factory defaults when upgrading the firmware.

Model Search:
MD5 Checksum : 7e74a8c3cc0769339493bdc24dc5117c            SHA1 Checksum : 3dce08d5228778f627144d1dfa89d00905a039f2
MD5 Checksum : cbae94836e10c2160677836e72e49457            SHA1 Checksum : c75ead26974e3dc42dd68df4d778c3689b0f6642
MD5 Checksum : a69aa2d4c2a1dcc8cc569b298e25afb9            SHA1 Checksum : 2f63e174b5f369716fe88684caa9e6b6c1e884e4