VigorConnect for Windows OS version 1.5.1

Software Information
Current Version 1.5.1
Release Notes
Release Date 23/09/2020
Support Language English



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MD5 Checksum : 0ef96a701b3729823dcef07cc5b4a485            SHA1 Checksum : 919b05826823706395fec84b00e7b1004445149d
MD5 Checksum : 79190f909cff7b8f5dbb21b96ef94c8c            SHA1 Checksum : 4069d67e4f9f419555dd3dcf8968bf2a54adfdb0
MD5 Checksum : d518c6b8d216d5314fa3217fe7efd49b            SHA1 Checksum : e919d135fe78e02151f75764b94cbaac68611469

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