VigorConnect for Windows & Linux OS version 1.5.2

Software Information
Current Version 1.5.2
Release Notes
Release Date 20/05/2021
Support Language English



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MD5 Checksum : ae8d44faf7c08312fdab14d34adaf3df            SHA1 Checksum : d9925b5327299317018e4576f01110a8280ad5c8
MD5 Checksum : 79190f909cff7b8f5dbb21b96ef94c8c            SHA1 Checksum : 4069d67e4f9f419555dd3dcf8968bf2a54adfdb0
MD5 Checksum : a17e52a3c751582dd731f4be714b59a8            SHA1 Checksum : 77d8a8ddf7f4bd3d780fb150d5026ad6a3708a52
MD5 Checksum : 507262bcb2b3b4e55b3a2676e2190669            SHA1 Checksum : 90c6db92a04c085da59112cf9f3a682c6e1d2981

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