Centralised Network Management

VigorACS 3

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VigorACS is the DrayTek’s Network Management System that supports DrayTek routers, access points, and switches. It provides an integrated solution for configuration, monitoring and management of your networking assets.

The DrayTek VigorACS platform is constantly evolving bringing you even more features with the latest ACS3 version. Take a full control of all your DrayTek products, with firmware updates automation, notification of disconnected VPNs and Internet connections. Advanced provisioning and many options for reporting makes it an ideal tool for monitoring nodes. The SD-WAN intelligent route traffic management available on the latest VigorACS and compatible routers helps with quality of connections for critical traffic such as voice, selected applications, VPN and email.

You can find out more about our latest VigorACS 3 management platform here.

VigorACS Self-Hosted Edition

ACS self hosted

VigorACS Self-Hosted version offers full flexibility and set of features and parameters that can be set on your own server. Take the control of the monitored nodes with adjusted settings that suit best your requirements including Periodic Inform Settings, STUN Settings, CPE Client credentials, and allocated storage for syslogs and reports. The VigorACS Self-Hosted can be installed on your local server, virtual machines, and your chosen cloud provider.

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VigorACS Cloud Premium Edition

The VigorACS Cloud Premium edition is a hassle free option where all you need to worry about are the nodes connected to your management network. Just login to our cloud-based platform to monitor, upgrade, and get the latest reports. Every server’s parameters are pre-configured which allows you to use standard settings. Our servers are located in a UK datacentre, with contingent power and connectivity to provide a robust and highly reliable service. The temporary syslog to VigorACS reporting is supported and is kept for some time so that data can be downloaded for testing or debugging purposes. This is an ideal option for smaller estate of monitored devices.

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ACS cloud

DrayTek Network Management Types

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On Premise Management
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Cloud Network Management
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