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The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 supports up to 12 SIP trunks and up to 50 Alias numbers. An Alias number is associated with a SIP trunk and is used either to route incoming calls or to control the number used for Caller ID when making outbound calls.

This works by setting the From address of a SIP Invite packet (which is sent to initiate a call) so that when an outbound call is made, the From address would show the SIP Alias number followed by the address of the PBX system, instead of the main number or Account Name / Number.

The ITSP would need to accept the number used for the Caller ID - entering an unknown number will usually result in the call being rejected or the call being routed through with the primary number of the SIP trunk as the caller ID. This is because the ITSP will only accept numbers that are associated with the account.

Use of additional or specific Caller ID numbers may have additional charges associated with it which would be specified by the SIP provider / ITSP.

When configuring Caller ID on the VigorBX 2000, the settings are specific for each SIP trunk configured on the PBX system. These can then be configured to operate in one of three ways:

  1. All Extensions - This configuration would route all calls through the specified SIP trunk with the Caller ID number configured. This can be over-ridden with methods 2 or 3 if required.
  2. Specific Group Only - This configuration would apply to a specified Hunt Group only. All extensions in this Hunt Group calling through the SIP trunk that the Alias number is associated with, would present the Caller ID number associated with the group.
  3. Specific Extension Only - This configuration would apply to a specific Extension only. When this extension calls through the SIP trunk that the Alias number is associated with, would present the Caller ID number it is associated with.

In this example, the ITSP provides these numbers for use as DDI / Alias or Caller ID numbers, which will be used with these example configurations:

  • 01632 960 000 - Main Number
  • 01632 960 001 - All Extensions - Number used for outbound calls
  • 01632 960 002 - Specific Group Only - Sales Hunt Group
  • 01632 960 003 - Specific Extension Only - Sales1 Extension

All Extensions

To configure a Caller ID number that would apply for all calls through the SIP trunk, go into the SIP Trunk settings for the individual trunk under [IP PBX] > [Trunks] > [SIP Trunks] and select the SIP trunk index number to modify. In the SIP trunk settings, set the Out-going call CLI to Alias Number:

Once that has been set, an option to specify the number used will appear, enter the number in that field, in the format specified by your SIP trunk provider.

There is also a setting for Mode which can be configured for Normal mode or P-Preferred Identity, this setting can be left on its default of Normal mode unless your SIP trunk provider specifies that P-Preferred Identity is required.

Click OK to save and apply the change to the SIP trunk.

Once that is set, the PBX system will send that number for all calls through that SIP trunk.

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