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The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 has an Integrated Voice Response system to provide the Auto Attendant and Voice Mail system functionality. These operate with a number of UK specific audio prompts, which include default greeting messages and voice mail system messages. These prompts are referred to as the System Prompts on the PBX system and generally do not need to be changed.

The PBX system makes it possible to customise these greetings and add music for "music-on-hold" by using User Prompts, which stores up to 50 different prompts, each up to 75 seconds in length. Some prompts, such as the Music On Hold prompts, allow selecting multiple prompts, which the PBX will then play one after the other. This makes it possible to chain prompts, giving up to 300 seconds (5 minutes) of continuous audio playback.

The PBX system can record prompts in these ways:

  • Using the Phone port and dialling "****", which is detailed in the User Prompts and System Prompts tabs
  • Creating an audio file on a PC and uploading it to the PBX system using the web interface, which is ideal when altering single prompts
  • Modifying prompts with the DrayTek IP PBX Voice Prompt Utility, which is ideal when altering groups of prompts

User Prompts

The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 can store up to 50 User Prompts. These can be recorded directly to the PBX system by using the Phone port on the PBX and dialling "****".

This is the menu layout used when in the User Prompt recording menu:

Prompts can also be managed through the web interface of the PBX system; to do that, go to [IP PBX] > [PBX System] > [Prompt Maintenance]:

Select [User Prompts]:

By default, the PBX system has no prompts loaded in the User Prompts section, these can be loaded through the web interface:

To do that, upload a .wav audio file (not an mp3 file or other codec), which can be up to 75 seconds in length or 14.7 Megabytes in size.

When doing this, make sure that the Phone port is not in use at the time or disconnect the Phone port temporarily, to ensure the best audio quality.

Click Browse to select the audio file. This must be in the following format: vigorpbx_userpromptxx.wav, replacing xx with the User Prompt number location to store it. For instance, to upload a User Prompt to slot 1, name it "vigorpbx_userprompt01.wav". Click Restore to send the prompt file to the PBX system, the PBX will then transcode the audio file into the codec it requires internally (G.711 and G.729).

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