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Allow Remote Dial-In VPN only during Working Hours with Schedule

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From firmware version 3.9.6, the DrayTek Vigor3910 and Vigor 2962 routers have support for scheduling when VPN connections can be established. To increase security a network administrator may not want to open the VPN service for the whole day, but want to open the service only during working hours.

RemoteDialInSchedule example

  1. Go [Applications] > [Schedule]. Ensure the Current System Uptime of the router is same to the current Time, click on the first available Index number to create a new profile.

RemoteDialInSchedule ApplicationSchedule


  1. Create two profiles for off-work hours. (We would create two schedule profiles because the Vigor Router would remain End Time at 23:59 if you set a duration time which goes through the next day.)
  • Select Start Date, Start Time and Duration Time.
  • Choose Action "Force Down".
  • Decide how often the schedule runs.
  • Then click OK.

RemoteDialInSchedule Index1

RemoteDialInSchedule Index2

After clicking entering settings for both profiles the [Applications] > [Schedule] screen should look like this:

RemoteDialInSchedule ApplicationScheduleWithSettings

  1. Go [VPN and Remote Access] > [Remote Dial-in User]to create a VPN profile.
  • Enable this account.
  • Select Dial-In Type.
  • Enter Username and Password.
  • Select the Schedule Profile created on Step1.
  • Click OK.

RemoteDialInSchedule RemoteAccess


Now this VPN connection only can be connected during working hours.

When the VPN user tries to dial in during the non-working hours, we will see the message “XXX is schedule off now.” in the VPN Syslog.

RemoteDialInSchedule Syslog


If the VPN user still can be connected after setting up a schedule profile, please check the items below:

  • If the time of the schedule profile is matched to the router time.
  • If the action in the Schedule profile is Force Down.

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