VigorIPPBX 3510 recovery process

Vigor IPPBX 3510
IPPBX 3510
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  1. Download the Firmware v3510pbx_3553_individual.zip

  2. Download the firmware upgrade tool FirmwareUpgrade_363_Win.zip

  3. Download the 3.5.6 firmware v3510pbx_356.zip

  4. Enable Web Access for the VoIP Module

    Telnet to

    After you have logged in type (note the commands are case sensitive. You don't need to type '>' ):

    > sys admin drayteker
    > sys VoipWebAct -e 1
    > sys reboot
  5. Browse to Log in with username: draytek password: 1234

    Go to [System] > [Firmware Upgrade], Select the V3K52264_en.all file and click Apply

  6. Wait for the upgrade to complete and then check that you can ping & and log into
  7. Run the firmware upgrade utility Setup as shown in the screen shot below


    - Manually enter in the Router IP field
    - In Firmware file select the v3510pbx_[3553].all file
    - Press send
  8. Wait for the upgrade to complete and then log into the unit on . The VigorIPPBX should show and 2.6.4 for the module

  9. Now run the 3.5.6 auto upgrade exe following the instructions on here. Please contact support if the upgrade does not complete

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