How do I configure a Yealink VoIP Phone for usage with the VigorIPPBX?

Vigor IPPBX 2820
Vigor IPPBX 3510

The Yealink T18P, T22P and T28P phones have been specifically tested with the VigorIPPBX but other phones in the Yealink range should also be compatible.

They can be configured via either from the base unit or the phone's own Web UI. The VigorIPPBX does not currently support auto-provisioning of the Yealink phones

For further details regarding the Yealink phones specification please see Yealink VoIP Phones

Log into the phones Web UI by browsing to the IP Phones IP Address (eg The IP address of the phone can be obtained by pressing [Menu] > [Status] from the unit. Click on [Account] and then enter the settings based on the example shown in the screenshot below.

SIP Account

Line Buttons

The line buttions should be configured so that when pressed the correct line is selected. Enter the settings as shown below

Line Buttons

BLF Keys

If the Yealink includes programmable keys (eg T28P) then these can be set to support BLF. If the pickup number is *1 then the BLF should be setup as shown so that the Yealink will receive BLF information and also be able to use Call Pickup for the extension

Note: On Yealink f/w ealier than v70 the Extension field should be *1 where is replaced with the extension number. Eg *11001

BLF Keys

Busy Response

So that the Yealink can correct respond to incoming calls if it is currently busy (If a call is rejected by the user or if the phone is on DND) the following settings should be set so that the Yealink sends a 486 (Busy Here) SIP response back to the VigorIPPBX

Busy Mode

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