Aerial Sockets and Plugs on 3G/4G LTE Routers

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DrayTek routers with built-in cellular WAN connectivity, indicated by an "L" suffix on the router's model name, for instance the Vigor 2862Lac, provide direct connection to cellular networks, as opposed to using an external USB modem.
The SIM for your network slots into the back of the router, this requires a normal size SIM card, Nano or Micro SIM cards can be fitted with an adapter (not supplied).

3G/4G (UMTS & LTE) use two SMA aerials on the back of the router which are separate and different to aerials used for WiFi (RP-SMA), so if your router also supports WiFi, it will have two sets of aerials. They are not interchangeable as they match different frequency bands.

To ensure that the aerials are used on the correct sockets, they have different plug orientations. The 3G aerials have male SMA sockets, as shown in the picture above. WiFi aerials are shown for  comparison (which are female). If you wish to use aerial cable extensions, we recommend approved aerials or extensions/bases only. Avoid poor quality connections or high-loss cable, and use the shortest cable possible.

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