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How to switch the GlobalView Web Content Filter (WCF) service from BPjM to Cyren?

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DrayTek's GlobalView Web Content Filtering service performs category based filtering for all devices and PCs connecting to the Internet through a DrayTek router, either individually, to all devices or specific groups based on the router's Firewall configuration. If BPjM has been accidentally activated on a router, the service provider for content filtering will need to be switched over to the Cyren service before it can be used.

The DrayTek MyVigor system controls licensing of the Web Content Filter services, it currently offers two WCF services for DrayTek routers:

Cyren GlobalView requires this service to operate and provide category based content filtering
BPjM This is a content filtering service for use in Germany, it cannot be used in the UK

Switching the service provider requires access to the router in the DrayTek MyVigor system.

To switch the Web Content Filter service provider from BPjM to Cyren, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the web interface of the router, then go to [CSM] > [Web Content Filter Profile].

2. Open the MyVigor portal for the router using the "Activate" link:

DrayOS routers - Vigor 2860, Vigor 2925, Vigor 2830 etc

Click "Activate" link on the top right of this page

Note that in this example, the service provider currently shows Status:BPjM, which indicates that BPjM is currently the Web Content Filter service provider.

DrayTek Linux routers - Vigor 3900, Vigor 2960

Go to [Objects Setting] > [Web Category Object] > [Content Filter License], click "Activate URL".

3. Log in to your MyVigor account on the pop out window:


4. Go to [My Information] > [My Product], select the router that you have accessed the MyVigor portal through, identifying it by the name configured or the serial number on the underside of the router.

5. Click the "Activate" button in the column of the service provider you would like to change to, the service provider listed under "Web Content Filter Service Enabled: " will change to the one you activate:

6. Click the "On" button for the Cyren license that needs to be installed on the router:


7. The MyVigor service will activate this license on the router and display this table upon completion:

On the Vigor 3900 and Vigor 2960 routers, the notification will display in this format:

8. Log in to the router's web interface and go to [CSM] > [Web Content Filter Profile] to check the state of the web content filter license; this should now display as [Status:Cyren]:

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