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RM1 Rack Mount Bracket Installation

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Router Installation

The RM1 is a steel bracket which can mount the Vigor 2865 router, or any of our other products using the same case (Vigor 2820, 2830, 2860, 2862, 2920, 2927 etc.) into a standard 19" rack. It is 1U height. When fitted, the router is held firmly and cannot be removed, pushed back or fall off the bracket accidentally.

The router must be fitted into the bracket before you fix the bracket into your rack. To fit it correctly, locate the groove around the edge of the front panel of the router. The front of the RM1 bracket slides into this groove, therefore preventing the router from moving once fitted.


The router's power cable can be inserted into the plastic retainer to help prevent it being pulled out accidentally from behind when you are rummaging around your rack/cabinet:

Once the router has been dropped into the groove, you can fit the bracket into the rack using the screws supplied: