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ADSL Statistics

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DrayTek DSL routers include ADSL statistics that can be used to view the status of the line. The statistics are available via both the Web UI and CLI and are updated in realtime. For any troubleshooting related to the WAN connection checking the ADSL statistics is often a useful first port of call.

The ADSL statistics report on ADSL synchronisation (synch), down speed, up speed, SNR and Attenuation.

Web UI

The ADSL statistics can be viewed on the Vigor 2830 through the [Online Status] > [Physical Connection] menu:

TX Cells: Number of ATM cells transmitted

RX Cells: Number of ATM cells received

TX CRC errs: Send errors

RX CRC errs: Receive Errors

Mode: Indicates what DSL standard the unit is running with. For example G.DMT (ADSL), ADSL2+ or Annex M

Status: SHOWTIME indicates that the line is in synch. If the text is RED then synch has not been obtained

Up Speed: The upspeed in bits per second

Down Speed: The downspeed in bits per second

SNR Margin: The SNR margin is the difference between the SNR observed on the line and the SNR required for the synch speed obtained. If the line speed is lower than expected but the SNR margin is large (15+) then the ISP may have set a consernative SNR margin. It may be worth contacting them regarding this.

Loop Att: The Attenuation is a measure of the drop in signal strength from the exchange to the router. Other factors can cause attenuation but the greatest is normally the distance from the exchange as power will drop with distance.

ADSL Firmware Version: The modem code version. 232201 is the default, but other modem codes are available. Certain lines may give better performance with an alternative modem code.

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