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VigorConnect is a TR-069 protocol based free to download management system for local DrayTek wireless APs and VigorSwitches.
This article demostrates steps to configure vlans on compatible DrayTek VigorSwitches. Make sure that your switch is being monitored by VigorConnect, then continue reading. If you need to add your switch, read this document first.

VLAN Setup

1. Once your switch is added to VigorConnect management system, select the device from the drop-down menu as illustrated below

kb vigorconnect vlan 01

2. Go to [DEVICE MENU] > [Configuration] > [VLAN Settings] and make sure that the Create VLAN section is selected. Click +Add to create a new VLAN

kb vigorconnect vlan 02

3. Enter the VLAN ID and VLAN Name (optional), then press the Add button

kb vigorconnect vlan 03

4. In the [DEVICE MENU] > [Configuration] > [VLAN Settings] - Interface Settings section select the following:

  1. ports that should be part of the new VLAN
  2. interface vlan mode
  3. PVID
  4. Tagged and Untagged VLAN options

kb vigorconnect vlan 04

Hit Apply to save the settings.

5. Now your Interface Settings page shows the new updated configuration similar to this screenshot

kb vigorconnect vlan 05

It is also possible to display and configure VLANs with the Graphic View setup page. Just navigate to [DEVICE MENU] > [Configuration] > [VLAN Settings] - Graphic View

kb vigorconnect vlan 06

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