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MAC address

Many DrayTek VigorSwitches, for instance the VigorSwitch P2280x, support MAC-based VLAN assignment. When configured, this allows the switch to link devices to a specified VLAN, identifying those devices by their individual MAC address, or all devices from a specified manufacturer, identified with the first half of the MAC address, the OUI. This classification is based upon the packet header's MAC address.

This article demonstrates how to configure MAC VLAN on a VigorSwitch.
The following configuration will automatically assign IP Phones or any other devices defined with MAC address prefix into a separate VLAN. Traffic from non-defined devices (MAC addresses) will be accepted and put in default non-tagged VLAN.

1. Create a new VLAN for VoIP (i.e. 20). Go to [Switch LAN] > [VLAN Management] > [Create VLAN]

kb vigorswitch mac vlan 01

2. Navigate to [Switch LAN] > [VLAN Management] > [Interface Settings]. Define phone ports and set them to the Hybrid mode. For example ports 1 to 8 are Untagged (VLAN 1), and Tagged (VLAN 20)

kb vigorswitch mac vlan 02

The configuration can be verified on the same page (below)

kb vigorswitch mac vlan 03

3. In the [Switch LAN] > [VLAN Management] > [Interface Settings] define uplink ports (e.g. ports connected to the router or other switches) as Trunk ports.

kb vigorswitch mac vlan 04

The configuration can be verified on the same page (below)

kb vigorswitch mac vlan 05

4. Now go to [Switch LAN] > [VLAN Management] > [MAC VLAN] > [MAC Group]. Define Groups based on vendor's prefix MAC addresses so that they will be automatically assigned to the VLAN.

kb vigorswitch mac vlan 06


5. Bind Group to VLAN on the [Switch LAN] > [VLAN Management] > [MAC VLAN] > [Group Binding] page

kb vigorswitch mac vlan 07

6. Once your devices are connected, verify the status on [Switch LAN] > [MAC Address Table] > [Dynamic Learned]

kb vigorswitch mac vlan 08

7. Set maximum number of MAC addresses per port (optional)

Go to [Security] > [Port Security] and enable Port Ssecurity settings and define number of MAC addresses allowed.

kb vigorswitch mac vlan 09

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