Dealer Information Pack, VigorSwitch P1282/G1282

As a strategic key partner, we are giving you advance notice and information about the product launch.  This information is to help you with scheduling the production of webpages and e-store pages.  This information is embargoed and should not be made public till February 16th, 2022

We have a small quantity available on 16th Feb, after that the next shipment is expected in Q2.




Est Stock Availability



VSP1282-K 4710484744296 Next shipment Q2 2022

VigorSwitch P1282 Smart Managed Gigabit PoE switch with 24 Gigabit Ethernet Ports with PoE+ & 4 SFP Ports  

VSG1282-K 4710484744319 Next shipment Q2 2022 VigorSwitch G1282 Smart Managed Gigabit Switch with 24 Gigabit Ports & 4 SFP 209
Product Name Product Page
VigorSwitch P1282
VigorSwitch G1282

If you have addiitional questions, please contact your Account Manager for additioanl information.