VigorACS 3 - Network Management System

VigorACS 3 is the latest version of DrayTek’s Network Management System (NMS). It supports all current DrayTek routers, access points, and switches, providing a integrated platform for configuration, monitoring and management.

VigorACS 3 is also the core of the DrayTek SD-WAN solution. It’s the central software where Network Administrators can perform configuration, provisioning, and monitoring of edge routers.

Key Features


Allow new devices to set themselves up and download the latest firmware.
Minimise time to configure & install.


Receive automated notifications when devices lose connection, to WAN, VPN, or connection with the ACS server.


Access advanced network insights for DrayTek devices, client usage, and traffic over a specified period.

VPN Wizard

Create IPsec and SSL VPN tunnels between managed devices within a few clicks. Have VPN links up and running in minutes.

Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule overnight firmware updates, configuration changes, or restarts. Apply changes to just one router or multiple sites.


Generate network-level reports for router traffic, firmware versions for groups of devices, device status and more.

VigorACS 3 - SD-WAN Orchestrator

Quality-Driven Dashboard

The quality of every WAN/VPN interface is measured by latency, loss, and jitter. Quality-driven dashboard helps Network Administrators to understand the reliability of each interface in one glance.


Every VoIP call is also monitored by MOS, latency, loss, and jitter. With a call history list, Network Administrators can easily retrieve information for calls with poor quality.

VoIP Experience Optimisation

Based on these interface quality records, VigorACS 3 can adjust the metric to ensure that all edge routers always use the best-quality interface for VoIP to optimize the VoIP experiences.

Application Visibility and SD-WAN Policy

This visibility provides Network Administrators with detailed network insights to understand data usage. From each single client, via which WAN, to which application, at what time.

Based on the application visibility, Network Administrators can create SD-WAN policies to send business-critical applications through the best-quality interface to optimize the user experience.

More about SD-WAN

Client Management with Captive Portal

VigorACS 3 as Captive Portal Server

Many of the Vigor Router and VigorAP models have captive portal capabilities, so that they can redirect LAN clients to VigorACS 3 to go through the hotspot login process.

Captive Portals are ideal for retail, restaurants, coffee shops, and hospitality, for Wi-Fi based marketing and to learn more about their clients for future marketing campaigns.

Robust Splash Page with Multilingual Interface

Intuitively customize the splash page to meet business needs. Live preview provides a “what you see is what you get” experience of splash page editing. Supporting 20 different languages, restaurant/hospitality business owners can speak their customers’ language.

Terms and conditions and marketing terms are also available, with the option that users must click on the checkboxes or not to get Internet access. Bandwidth limit, time quota, and device management can also be applied to client devices.

Hotspot Clients - Analytics

Beyond displaying the splash page, VigorACS 3 also provides detailed analytics insights, where business owners can gain an in-depth understanding of their new customers, return customers, the visiting frequency and which branches have been visited…etc. Further marketing campaigns can be tailored accordingly.

More about Hotspot Portal

Compatible Devices

DrayTek Routers
(f/w 4.0.5 or later)
Vigor2620 LTE Series
(f/w 3.8.11 or later)
Vigor2760 Series
(f/w or later)
Vigor2762 Series
(f/w 3.8.8 or later)
Vigor2765 Series
(f/w 4.0.5 or later)
Vigor2830 Series
(f/w or later)
Vigor2830v2 Series
(f/w or later)
Vigor2832 Series
(f/w or later)
(f/w or later)
Vigor2860 Series
(f/w or later)
Vigor2862 Series
(f/w 3.8.7 or later)
Vigor2865 Series
(f/w or later)
(f/w 3.6.9 or later)
Vigor2925 Series
(f/w or later)
Vigor2926 Series
(f/w 3.8.7 or later)
Vigor2927 Series
(f/w or later)
Vigor2952 Series
(f/w or later)
(f/w 1.4.0 or later)
(f/w 1.4.0 or later)
Vigor3220 Series
(f/w or later)
(f/w 1.4.0 or later)
(f/w 3.9.2 or later)
DrayTek Wireless Access Points
VigorAP 1000C
(f/w 1.3.2 or later)
VigorAP 710
(f/w 1.2.3 or later)
VigorAP 802
(f/w or later)
VigorAP 810
(f/w 1.2.3 or later)
VigorAP 900
(f/w 1.2.3 or later)
VigorAP 902
(f/w 1.2.3 or later)
VigorAP 903
(f/w 1.3.1 or later)
VigorAP 910C
(f/w 1.2.3 or later)
VigorAP 912C
(f/w 1.3.1 or later)
VigorAP 918R Series
(f/w 1.3.2 or later)
VigorAP 920R Series
(f/w 1.2.3 or later)
VigorAP 960C
(f/w 1.3.8 or later)
DrayTek Network Switches
VigorSwitch P1085
(f/w 2.6.0 or later)
VigorSwitch G1085
(f/w 2.6.0 or later)
VigorSwitch P1280
(f/w 2.3.0 or later)
VigorSwitch G1280
(f/w 2.3.0 or later)
VigorSwitch P2100
(f/w 2.6.5 or later)
VigorSwitch G2100
(f/w 2.6.5 or later)
VigorSwitch P2121
(f/w 2.3.2 or later)
VigorSwitch G2121
(f/w 2.6.0 or later)
VigorSwitch P2280
(f/w 2.3.0 or later)
VigorSwitch G2280
(f/w 2.3.0 or later)
VigorSwitch P2280x
(f/w 2.6.1 or later)
VigorSwitch G2280x
(f/w 2.6.1 or later)
VigorSwitch P2500
(f/w 2.6.0 or later)
VigorSwitch G2500
(f/w 2.6.0 or later)
VigorSwitch P2540x
(f/w 2.6.3 or later)
VigorSwitch G2540x
(f/w 2.6.3 or later)

System Requirements

Server (Self-Hosting, 50 nodes)

Operating System: 64-bit Windows or Linux

Recommended CPU: Intel 6th Generation Core Processor or later with 2 Cores, 4 Threads, and 4M Cache

Memory: 6 GB RAM (DDR4)

Storage: 1TB (SSD Recommended)

See the Hardware Recommendations document for servers with more than 50 nodes

Client (Self-Hosted or Cloud)

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Multiple Linux distribution (e.g., Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, CentOS)

Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge (version 79 or later)

Getting Started

Try out VigorACS 3 self-hosted for free. Up to 30 days with 20 nodes connected.

If you have any questions regarding VigorACS 3, see the VigorACS 3 Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions, which answers some common queries.

If your question isn't answered there, you can use the Contact Sales form to request more information, or answers to your questions.