Ethernet Switches

Switches allow you to extend your online offering, with additional Ethernet ports for multiple computers and connected devices. Choosing the right switch for your requirements is important, so we’ve covered all there is to know about picking a model and connecting it to your existing router.

DrayTek's VigorSwitch range of Ethernet switches ranges from 8 to 50 ports, with Gigabit and Gigabit Power-over-Ethernet options and models, ranging from Web Smart functionality to advanced L2 Managed capabilities and Layer 3 VLAN routing.

When looking for the best Ethernet switch for your network, consider the features that you need, Power over Ethernet is great for powering access points, IP phones, cameras and is available on all DrayTek VigorSwitch models with a 'P' prefix.

VigorSwitch 'G' switches are standard Gigabit Ethernet network switches. VigorSwitch models with an 'x' suffix also feature 10Gb capabilities.

Some models also feature SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) or SFP+ module slots to connect the switch's Ethernet ports to many different types of Fibre, with standard SFP transceivers.

You can manage the whole DrayTek VigorSwitch range with router-based Central Switch Management, the free VigorConnect management software, or from the cloud, with the VigorACS Central Management platform.

Monitor network usage, provision VLAN configurations, set individual port rates and schedule port operation all from a single point of management.

  RJ45 Ports PoE Ports PoE Power 1Gb SFP Ports 10Gb SFP Ports Mngmt
VigorSwitch G1080 VigorSwitch G1080 8 Vigor Router VigorConnect
VigorSwitch G1085 VigorSwitch G1085 8 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch G1280 VigorSwitch G1280 24+4 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch G2100 VigorSwitch G2100 8 2 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch G2280X VigorSwitch G2280X 24 4 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch G2540x VigorSwitch G2540x 48 6 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch P1085 VigorSwitch P1085 8 8 140w Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch P1280 VigorSwitch P1280 24+4 24 340w Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch P2100 VigorSwitch P2100 8 8 140w 2 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch P2280x VigorSwitch P2280x 24 24 400w 4 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect
VigorSwitch P2540x VigorSwitch P2540x 48 48 400w 6 Vigor Router VigorACS VigorConnect

More DrayTek Switch Types

What is a Switch?

A DrayTek switch is a useful tool that offers a bank of additional Ethernet ports for your wired appliances, allowing you to maintain multiple connected devices within one local network. This is helpful if your business requires more computers than your router has Ethernet ports for.

What is the difference between a router and a switch?

The difference between router and switch is their position in the ‘internet chain’ and how they help to facilitate a connection.

While router switches keep multiple computers within the same network, a router is a more sophisticated device that connects multiple switches to create an even larger network.

When it comes to switch vs router, it’s important to understand the different benefits of each device, and what they both offering in providing a strong internet connection.

How to connect a switch to your router

Because an internet switch is designed to act as an additional Ethernet port bank, you’re required to connect switch to router to access the network. This is a straightforward process:

  1. Take an Ethernet cable and connect to an available port on each of your router switch and router.
  2. Use a second Ethernet cable to connect your computer to your switch, plugging into the next available port on both devices.

What’s the difference between a router and a modem?

Modem and router functionality are different, but the two devices are reliant on each other to establish an internet connection. While your modem receives signals directly from an internet provider, your internet router ‘routes’ these messages and distributes to connected computers, allowing them to access the internet.

Modems are unable to create a local network of devices on their own, and routers cannot access the internet without the help of a modem.

Network switch features and benefits

With multiple sizes of switch designed to suit the scale of your business, find the device that most effectively enhances your working environment. Installing a DrayTek switch ensures the same quick, efficient, and secure online experience you’ve become accustomed to through use of our routers alone, but on a grander scale with the capacity for connecting more computers.

Managing your DrayTek switch

DrayTek switches are each configured through the intuitive Vigor Router, VigorACS, or VIgorConnect central management systems, with the majority allowing for flexible administration across all three systems. This makes controlling your switch and its activity simple, with notifications triggered in the event of an irregularity.

Which switch is best for my needs?

Choosing the right switch is important in establishing the appropriate network for your business requirements. Whether you’re hoping to connect multiple computers or video feeds, discover the available DrayTek switches.

Network Switches

With sizes ranging from 8 to 50 48 ports, network switches are perfectly placed to handle a multi-computer network. Easily take control of your router switch through either of the local or cloud-based central management platforms.

Video Switches

With 28 Ethernet ports, our video switches make distributing video data and feeds from multiple sources easy. Video switches allow you to channel video to multiple screens, which can be configured and managed through the DrayTek app.

DrayTek Switch Types

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